policy & Strategy

  • We are an established team and have been recruiting into
    Policy departments within the public sector for over 10 years!
    We have had the opportunity to be working with some key
    candidates to many organisations, and the jobs we get to work
    on really make a difference to either government decisions or
    policies that affect just as many.
  • The positions we typically cover are Policy Managers/
    Analysts, Project Managers & Researchers, our clients tend to
    fall under Membership Bodies, Charities, Housing
    Associations, Government or within Education.
  • The team is currently made up of 4 and the whole work family
    ethos can be felt. We are a team that works hard but can also
    have a laugh. We rely mainly on building strong relationships
    with our clients as we believe this promoted repeat business
    with them.
  • Some of the support roles we can assist you with include:
    • Executive Assistant
    • Knowledge Management
    • Practice/Office Manager
    • Business Services Professionals
    • Conveyancers
    • Marketing Executive
    • Paralegals
    • Business Development
    • Legal Administrators
    • Human Resources & Talent Acquisition
    • Legal Accountants
    • Finance
    • Law Librarians
    • IP Secretary
    • Legal Technology
    • Reception

Supnil.com – We offer bespoke sourcing & selection solutions to all employers in the private and public sectors and tailor packages specific to the requirements of our clients.

how can we help you?

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