Temporary And Contract Services


Temporary And Contract Services

  • In any business, work demands can fluctuate on a daily basis. From workload and seasonal peaks to covering for holidays, sick leave and special projects – an organisation’s staff needs can be altered in an instant.
  • Whatever industry you work in, be it in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, or whatever the size of your business, Morgan has access to an impressive pool of high calibre temporary and contract staff with a broad range of skills who are available at short notice to help with temporary vacancies.
  • Short-term temp positions might last a day or a few days, sometimes up to a couple of weeks. When the position continues longer than about six weeks, it’s typically considered long term.
  • Temporary employees are hired directly by the company or they are obtained from a temporary staffing agency. If an agency provides the temporary employee, the employer pays a fee over and above the compensation collected by the employe.
  • Interns. An internship is a type of temporary employment that is usually reserved for graduates or students. The role of an intern is designed to give students hands-on work experience in their field of study. Internships can be either paid or unpaid and are continually changing.
  • An employee who works under contract for an employer. A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. A contract employee does not become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee.
  • Contract positions are employment arrangements that do not involve the same level of commitment as an employer-employee relationship. If you hire contract workers, you are not required to pay employment taxes on the hours they work as you would for a regular employee.

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